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  1. How To Repair Your Sewing Machine.)

    Sewing Machine Repair As A Home Business Or For Your Self.)

  2. My Shed Plans *Top Aff Makes $50k/month!* ~9% Conversions)

    Newly Updated Copy for a 120% ROI improvement! See Why Super Affiliates Are Secretly Promoting Us. An Absolute Conversion Monster, Written By A 7-figure Copywriter. Get $90 Per Sale - 75% Comms With Multiple Upsells. - Direct Facebook lander for ADs.)

  3. Wedding Speeches for All)

    Wedding Speech Site for all the wedding relationships. Grab Your Wedding Speech Marketing Tools & Resources. We Test, Track, And Optimize Tirelessly For Your Margins. Articles, Secrets & 1-on-1 Support at:

  4. TedsWoodworking - Highest Converting Woodworking Site On The Internet!)

    The Top seller in CB for years running! Evergreen niche with a huge market. Get $125/sale with a highly optimized funnel for 11% conversions + 75% comm on front & upsells. Crushes on FB and media buys with insane EPC on DIY, Survival, Conservative lists.)

  5. New Updates! 7250 Landscaping Ideas - $56.77 Per Sale + 75% Comms)

    Hot new updates! Brand new lander with a staggering 12% conversions on our latest tests! Earn $56.77 Per Sale With Upsells. Ideas4Landscaping is the #1 Landscaping product with over 7250 landscaping designs and videos.)

  6. Build your own shipping container home - Huge conv.rate)

    NEW PRODUCT: Huge conversion rate + perfect product = Maximum income... Great match for other niches like solar, home&garden, energy, green products, diy etc.)

  7. Brain Training for Dogs - Unique Dog Training Course! Easy Sell!)

    High Quality Dog Training Course Featuring 21 Games To Improve A Dog's Intelligence And Behavior, Plus Easy Instructions For Training Obedience Commands! Created By A Well Known Professional Dog Trainer! Affiliate Tools:

  8. Patriot Wholesale Club)

    Customers love us because we're like the Costco of survival. We offer top-selling products without brand name labels attached for pennies on the dollar. Our sales pages are written by one of the nation's leading survival copywriters and convert like !!!!)

  9. The Complete Grape Growing System)

    Affiliate Commission updated - Now at 75%! The complete Grape growing guide + upsell to video series is one of the best converting offers in the gardening niche. High quality product, low refunds -

  10. Escuela Hispanoamericana de Feng Shui)

    Publicaciones digitales de Feng Shui y Astrología China Ba Zi)

  11. UltimateSmallShop - The Next Woodworking Blockbuster! -Get $94.60/sale)

    From the creators of TedsWoodworking... $63 AOV, 9% conversions, up to $94.60/sale. Tested over 25, 000+ transactions for max conversions - now finally available on CB! Be the first few to promote to make a fortune!)

  12. Cash in on a popular American pastime - New & unique physical product)

    Perfect for homeowners, campers, RVers - anyone burning firewood in a woodstove, fireplace, campfire, firepit or chimenea will benefit. Conveniently store firewood indoors, out, or anywhere on location. Introducing the Transportable Firewood Holder.)

  13. Aquaponics 4 You ~ 7.39% Conversions)

    Aquaponics ~ 7.39% Conversions (Proof In Affiliate Area) ~An Evolution in Hydroponics, Currently one of the Hottest Gardening Offers Available. Learn How to grow ten times the plants in less time.)

  14. Worldwide marketplace for the wood and furniture products)

    Help you to buy and sell timber and wood products.)

  15. Tiny House Made Easy ~ 12.4% Conv ~ $100 First Sale Bonus)

    Tiny House Made Easy is a New Product in a NEW Niche ~ Huge Market Potential With Zero Competition ~ Very Cheap Traffic ~ Sells well with Survival / Preppers Traffic & General DIY Inclined Individuals - Get $100 First Sale Bonus to your PayPal!)

  16. Declutter Fast - How To Get Your Home In Order Almost Immediately!)

    How To Declutter Your Home Almost Immediately! Regain Order in Your Life and Home. Know The Joy And Power Of Order. Find Out Why Thousands Have Raved About This Book Since 2006! Always 75% Commission. The First Ebook on Decluttering - And Still The Best!)

  17. NEW! MyBoatPlans 518 Boat Plans - Updated For Higher Comms!)

    Brand new site updated for higher conversions! Promote this sleeper product for easy sales. We *BEAT* other offers with our 9.3% conversion rate! 75% Comms + Backend Sales. The #1 collection of 518 boat plans. Aff resources:

  18. Mushroom Growing 4 You ~ 100% Commission ~ Earn $3.52 Per Hop!)

    Thousands of Searches With 0 Competition ~ How To Grow Organic Mushroom at Home With Step-by-step Videos ~ High Quality Product in a Brand NEW Niche ~ How To Grow Organic Mushrooms Cheaply)

  19. Discover Beekeeping - A Beginner Beekeepers Guide)

    Beekeeping is the big buzz word right now, learn how to become a beekeeper with this easy to follow guide. Author provides full email support and owns one of the largest beekeeping forums on the internet. Top converting product.)

  20. Cat Spraying No More - Brand New with a 16.2% Conversion Rate!)

    Cat Spraying No More is a 100% NEW & Original Product ~ HUGE Market Potential with ZERO Competition ~ VERY Cheap Traffic ~ Lot Of Easy Money to Be Made)

  21. DIY Smart Saw - BRAND NEW OFFER Crushes Cold Traffic)

    Profit from the DIY Craze! The Only VSL to Promote In a Huge, Untapped Market. First Results Show Insane Conversions on Most Traffic Sources. $70 AOV and an 80% Up-sell Take-Rate with a Dynamic Funnel.)

  22. NEW Powerful Laundry Magnets | $2 EPC and Superbly Conversion Rate!)

    Earn 40% Commission Throughout the Whole Sales Funnel With This Powerful Patented Technology. Converts Great with Warm or Cold Traffic! High Conversions AND Low Refund Rates!)

  23. How To Housetrain & Potty Train Any Dog)

    Learn How To House Break Your Dog Or Puppy The Quickest Way Possible. Never Had Refund. Very High Conversion Rates. Converts 1.5% to 4% in sales on average.)

  24. Getting Started In Hydroponics: Expert Tips, Plans & Secrets)

    Gardening, cooking and survival websites! This is a moneymaker. The ultimate, complete beginners guide. Excellent quality ebook contains 316 pages of education, expert tips and multiple illustrated plans. Check out pitch page and ask for free preview copy)

  25. Guide To Sanding and Refinishing Wood Floors)

    This product is the only one of its kind. A full tell-all guide to refinishing hardwood floors, written by a professional refinisher. This will not convert cold traffic, but it's hot property to those looking to refinish their floors.)

  26. Electronic Repair Information)

    How You Can Test Electronic Components Like A Professional!High conversion rate 3-4%.)

  27. Secrets to Dog Training: Stop Your Dog's Behavior Problems!)

    Secrets to Dog Training has been the No. 1 dog training and behavior site for years. 75% Commission! See or email for more information.)

  28. World's best selling book on Growing Tomatoes)

    Written by a world-renowned plant nutrition and disease expert, How to Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes has sold over 10, 000 copies to home gardening enthusiasts in 89 countries. A professionally presented book with 5 outstanding bonuses, it's an easy sell.)

  29. Woodworkers Treasure Chest)

    70% Commission with unique Done-For-You Sales Funnel - brand new Product for Woodworkers. Proven profitable niche with thousands of woodworking enthusiast with disposable income. Works well for Retired Hobbyists, Weekend Warriors, Survivalist and Preppers)


    Self Sufficiency and Homesteading products including keeping chickens, guinea fowl & other poultry, beekeeping (honey bees), herbal remedies, vegetable gardening, hydroponics & greenhouse. Choice of landing pages. Affiliates can make over $50 a customer.)

  31. Guide To Creating Spa Products & Soaps [HIGH Converting Craft Niche])

    66% Commission, $18-$30 per sale, high converting niche, cheap PPC clicks, LOW refund rate, Raving fans! Bestselling Guide On how to create your own spa products for fun & profit, including candles, soaps, lotions, balms, potpourri, and bath bombs.)

  32. Australian House Plans, Home Deisgns and Home Improvement)

    Affordable low cost Australian home designs very popular in Australia and new Zealand.)

  33. Dresser Son Chien en 15 Minutes par Jour)

    Guide Pour Dresser Votre Chien En Moins de 15 Minutes Par Jour ! + de 350 pages d'information pour dresser son chien ou son chiot. @@@ 75% Commission @@@@@ Low CPC)

  34. Garage, House, Cabin, Shed, Playhouse, Greenhouse & Barn Plans)

    Complete Construction Blueprints Special Offer 5 Homes, 6 Cabins, 16 Garages, 6 Barns, Sheds, Playhouse, Greenhouse and Workshops. 75% commission with high conversion rates. New sales page with email campaign that converts well.

  35. Anthurium Care Made Simple)

    A Simple, Step-by-Step Guide to Maximize Your Anthurium Plant's Health and Flowers - Your Anthurium Will Thrive for Years to Come!)

  36. Learning To Live With An English Bull Terrier from Puppy To Adult)

    This eBook is a catalogue of the upbringing of our English Bull Terrier Tyson Bullwinkle III, with all the problems and enjoyment of doing so. Affiliates Earn 65% Selling the Guide To Owning, Raising, And Caring For English Bull Terriers!)

  37. Furniture Craft Plans - Get $78.90 Per Sale - Highest Comms!)

    Highest Converting Woodworking Product On CB. High Quality Product. 9000+ designer furniture & craft plans. 75% on $77 frontend plus $39 upsells. We Convert More Than Our Competition And We Pay Out More.... Try It!

  38. Orchid Secrets Revealed)

    The Internet's ORIGINAL Orchid Growing Training Course, with HIGH commissions, a proven sales process, killer customer support, *recurring* membership revenues and more!)

  39. Front Porch Ideas Generator)

    We created the Front Porch Ideas Generator to help you visualize the difference a porch makes on a home. You'll see amazing before & after transformations to 10 styles of homes plus commentaries for each. Get this eBook before you build/remodel your porch)

  40. Candle Making 4 You ~ Best Converter!)

    Candle Making is one of the most popular & profitable hobby in the world! The keyword Candle Making alone yield tens of thousands of searched per day ~ and that's a big number!)

  41. Chameleon Care Guide - Only Product in Booming Niche - 75% Commissions)

    Did you know that reptiles are now more popular pets than dogs? And that pet chameleons are a booming niche that get more searches than iguanas, bearded dragons or geckos! Lots of Easy Money to be made! Tools:

  42. Model railroad guide and print out buildings)

    Have a railroad site? Have a pop at this railroad guide and printout buildings. Easy extra sales.)

  43. Cat Spray Stop - Watch this animated VSL!)

    Highest paying and converting cat offer. Only animated VSL, full upsell funnel - converts up to 8% of visitors. 90% commission available. Get in touch! or contact dedicated affiliate manager. Ahora En Espaniol tambien!)

  44. New - Maxs Woodworking 75% commish plus upsells)

    Best conversions in the market. We are constantly split testing to bring our affiliates even more money. 75% per sale + upsells and backend offers.)

  45. Brand New! Cat Language Bible (TM) How to Finally Speak Cat!)

    Brand New Featuring a Spectacular Live Motion Video Sales Letter ~ How to Understand & Speak With Your Cat! ~ Top Product in Feline & Pet Niche ~ 75% Commissions on all Sales + New Affiliate Bonus! Affs:

  46. KAL1 CNC Package)

    Build a pro-quality CNC router. The KAL1 needed to build a professional level CNC machine are included in this comprehensive build package. Designed to be easy, quick and inexpensive to build. Only basic DIY skills and tools are needed.)

  47. 50 Houses, Garages, Barns & Cabin E-Plans Blueprints)

    Plans and Blueprints For Cabins, Barns, Garages, Homes, Green Houses, Workshops, Sheds, Apartments, Playhouses, Pool houses. New high converting sales page. Converts 1 in 25)

  48. Music Designed for Dogs to Help with Anxiety Problems, 75% commission)

    New to ClickBank: OVER 1 ALBUMS MILLION SOLD on other networks. Dog Music Technology helped to calm your dog down. VIDEO PROOF of it working on our site which gives you 3 x Conversion. 75% commission. Top Affiliate makes $250 a Day.)

  49. Beginners Guide to Model Railroading & Membership)

    Outstanding e-Book plus unlimited membership to one of the highest LTV membership programs available. Not only will the book blow their mind so will the membership site.)

  50. How To Build A Chicken Coop)

    Top Chicken Coop Offer & Gravity Site on CB For 8+ YEARS! Building A Chicken Coop Plans - Proven Long Record Of Great Conversions - 75% Payout - Free Affiliates Tools At

  51. The Glass Painter's Method)

    The techniques, tools and paints you need for stained glass painting you fire in a kiln)

  52. Model Train Layout Ideas, Tips & Answers)

    Model Railroad Enthusiasts: Get All The Clever Model Train Scenery Ideas You'll Need... Saving You Time And Money... To Help You Plan And Build YOUR VERY OWN Model Train Layout!)

  53. Making Oboe Reeds.)

    Learn How To Make American Long Scrape Style Oboe Reeds.)

  54. Dog Food Secrets.)

    2018 : New VSL increased front end conversions by 25%. New upsell strategy has increased upsell uptake by 80%. New trial offer exitpop increased conversions of front end product by another 15%. Dozens alternative landing pages/emails added aff area)

  55. Treatless Dog Training Secrets by Anthony Louis)

    The hottest dog training offer in the world today is back on clickbank updated for 2023 with a NEW twist. Not only does it convert but the products works and has been around so refund rate is extremely low. Just look at the sales page and get ready!)

  56. Answers To Raising Chickens - A complete guide to Keeping Chickens)

    *NEW* 70% Pay out: An amazing step-by-step guide for the absolute beginner in raising and keeping chickens, plus bonuses, guarantee to turn the novice into a chicken keeping expert)

  57. HO OO Model Trains & Railroads Ebook and Bonuses)

    HO/OO Model trains ebook including track plans, bonus gifts, 1 month's club membership, and free bonus model buildings as advertised.)

  58. Knitting For Profit)

    Exciting new book shows step-by-step how to make money from knitting or crochet. Great for home-based business and work-at-home mums, turn a hobby into real cash income! New affiliate resources

  59. 112 Amazing Dog Hacks)

    73 Ways to Effortlessly Transform Your Dog Into A More Obedient, Healthier & Happier Pup... PLUS, You'll Discover 39 Amazing Dog Hacks That Will Save You Time, Money & Hours of Frustration -- Affiliate Tools Here ==

  60. The Fundamentals of Blacksmithing eBook)

    This eBook in pdf format describes in detail the fundamental techniques used by modern Artist Blacksmiths for working hot metal. Excellent resource for a novice blacksmith as well as a refresher for seasoned smiths.)

  61. Bearded Dragon Secret Manual)

    Bearded Dragon Care: Find out how 93.7% of bearded dragon owners make these 37 deadly mistakes unintentionally that torturing their beloved beardie to death)

  62. How to Build An Aviary)

    75% Comission, $27 Product, $9 OrderBump/Upsell, Great Conversions. Unique niche with low competition.)

  63. DCC Model Trains Ebook and Online Model Railroad Club Membership)

    Comprehensive model railroad ebook about DCC model trains. Includes bonus option with 6 free gifts. Affiliate Toolbox at

  64. Painless & Positive Puppy Training)

    How to train your stubborn pup... and remain relaxed!)

  65. - Video Per Educare Il Cane In Casa - TOP 3% conv.)

    Videocorso composto da 24 video lezioni + 14 bonus per educare il cane in casa propria. Tutto in Italiano. Conversioni 3%. Prezzo 40, 90€ + VAT con affiliazione al 50%. Il videocorso si vende da solo! Info a:

  66. Raising quail Made Easy - Brand New With A 7.39% Conversion Rate!)

    Raising quail Made Easy Is A 100% New & Original Product ~ Huge Market Potential With Zero Competition ~ Very Cheap Traffic ~ Lot Of Easy Money To Be Made)

  67. Incubator Maker ~ Hatch Chicken, Quail, Ducks & More)

    Incubator Maker ~ How To Build a High Quality Egg Hatching Incubator Cheaply with Step-By-Step Videos ~ NEW Niche with High Conversions ~ Great for Chicken Coop Lists)

  68. Hope For Healing Liver Disease in Your Dog Ebook/Bundle/Upsell)

    The Original Alternative Treatment For Healing Canine Liver Disease. This ebook is the most popular book for treating Canine Liver Disease. People who find this book need it immediately to save their dogs. It sells itself. Veterinarian Trusted Seal)

  69. Top Dog Food Product! Now with higher conversions!)

    Offer is a 4 part eBook for Dogs. (We also have a Cat version!) Converts on Cold and Warm Traffic. Does great with health, fitness, diet, financial, survival, biz op and personal development lists.)

  70. Betta Lovers Guide.)

    Learn How To Make Your Betta Into The Most Cared-for, Happy, And Safe Fish In The World.)

  71. Pet Rat Care And Training Guide.)

    Learn How To Have A Wonderful Life With Your Rattie.)

  72. Find Out About Ferrets.)

    The Complete Guide To Turning Your Fuzzy Into The Happiest, Best-Behaved, And Healthiest Pet In The World!)

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